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All Things Loomis

The Gander Taphouse

Jan 29, 2019 03:27PM ● By Melissa Emerzian
The moment I swung open the door and my eyes adjusted from the bright daylight to the earthy,
cozy, and welcoming interior I knew our little town was in for a treat as I felt like I had stepped
into a Sunset Magazine featured “find”.
Nate and Kim Peters have had a dream for this community gathering spot in the Blue Anchor
Annex for nearly a decade but the space had already been committed to a previous tenant. Now
looking back, the couple notes that a decade ago the timing wasn’t right as they had 4 small
boys, one of which was a newborn. For Nate though, the calling to create wouldn’t subside.
Formerly, he had worked in a nearby restaurant establishment starting as dishwasher, working
his was up through every position to General Manager. It became their dream to bring a
gathering spot to his hometown of Loomis. The couple spent the next 10 years honing their
vision and crafting it to what would best serve our community until one day Kim saw the ‘For
Sale’ sign in the window and they jumped at the opportunity to lease. “For us, this has been a
family endeavor. I designed”, “and I said “No” chimed in Nate with a teasing chuckle... “my
husband built, and our kids sanded. This is about taking risks, asking questions, and giving
back. We are a Mom and Pop. There’s a difference in that. We are here for everybody; It’s
family, it’s love.”
Utilizing Kim’s obvious and abundant gift in design and Nate’s expertise as a talented
contractor, the interior is just something you have to behold. It was important to the couple to
preserve as much history as possible, repurposing many of the original elements of the historic
building. This has been one of their favorite parts of the process, “preserving and restoring the
energy that’s here; I have a thing for old things.” said Kim. The couple commented on how much
they’ve loved working with the South Placer Heritage Foundation in keeping that energy and
focus on agriculture as well. “It’s what this town was founded on. We have this resource, how do
we bring this back...bring this wholesomeness people are craving.” They commented that
“there’s a naturalness in what we do. It’s all about energy.”
The mission and vision of the Gander Taphouse is to have a local gathering place. “We did this
for the community. We live here, work here, go to school here, coach soccer here.” Nate went to
Franklin elementary, and Kim, a self proclaimed ‘country girl’ has been here over 15 years and
stated that they chose Loomis for exactly what the town motto is “A Small Town is like a Big
Family”. “We’re here because we have the same values and treasures.” That value doesn’t stop
with Kim and Nate either- their eldest son works in the kitchen, the second in line is “just waiting
to be old enough” and the youngest two when home are saying “Can we go to Gander, it’s more
fun there!”
At Gander Taphouse, they have plans to showcase artwork from Del Oro students, work hand in
hand with all of the PTCs from the 7 schools and high school, and when we asked about how
they position themselves with Loomis’ other dining/gathering gems they said their mission is to
“Blend, not contend.” The Gander Taphouse offers our community clean wholesome eating
sourced locally as much as possible. The couple will also be partnering with local crafters and
artisans for breads, produce, cheese and hopefully meats. Kim mentioned down the road they’d
love to grow their own produce as well. Their focus is on “trades and crafts, not processed or
preserved”. Their menu is free of fried food and is described as “Clean, wholesome, but still
grubbing...we are a taphouse after all.” Some of the offerings will be, but not limited to, a poke
bowl, salads, specialty sandwiches, house made daily seasonal soups, ‘cowboy caviar’,
chickpea salad, and more entrees in the works.
The Gander Taphouse is slated to be open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner closing at 10PM,
per the noise ordinance, with indoor and outdoor seating as well as family friendly games and
eventually an outdoor firepit. The entrepreneurial, community focused couple plans to listen to
and observe what the community wants and make adjustments to the schedule as such. I, for
one, was stalking the place awaiting the reveal and I can’t wait to visit with you there!

-Amanda Coate