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Landscape Architect by Trade, Artist by Choice

Mar 30, 2019 01:52PM ● By Melissa Emerzian

Claudia Savage, the artist behind CloudyArt Studio, draws inspiration from color combinations and patterns found in landscapes --orchards, oak branches in winter, fields of orange poppies. Her most recent painting was inspired from a parking lot view in Loomis--the foreground made up of rows of winter grape vines, behind was nestled a grove of mandarins, and in the background there was a mix of conifers and olive trees.  Often, she will look at a landscape and in her mind, divide it into simplified blocks of colors. She will then reimagine it in all its potential states: how it would feel in an overcast day or a bright morning, in the middle of winter or at the start of spring. She likes to think about how elements would shift in different conditions, how colors would fade or intensify, how patterns would change, and how those transformations evoke different feelings. It is this concept that drives her collages and most of her landscape paintings--trying to capture glimpses of a landscape over time. Suffice it to say, while she loves Loomis for the warmth of the people, small town atmosphere, and mandarins, it is the character of the landscape that she truly relishes--particularly how the sun shines through the oak trees that line so many of our roads.

Savage  holds a B.A. in Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. This allows her the opportunity to create landscapes in real life. Being an artist as a profession has only been a recent dream for Savage. While she took a few art classes in high school, she didn't delve into painting until after college. Her development as an artist has been less formal, achieved directly through her work as the piece evolves. She loves playing with color--especially mixing it and experimenting with how color can evoke different emotions and memories.  She loves the creative process and is always exploring different mediums and techniques as she looks for new ways to capture landscapes.

Her first influence came from viewing the paintings of Wayne Thiebaud--particularly his cakes and food still lifes. She loves the colors and texture in his paintings. She has also been greatly inspired by the works of other local artists including Gregory Kondos, Tim Collom, and Elaine Bowers.

One of her most influential experiences was studying abroad in Italy.  She was inspired by seeing original artworks by Van Gogh, Monet, and Degas; how they balanced color, texture, and form in a way that transported her into their paintings. While she was there, she also took a printmaking class where the entire process was taught; from etching on copper, rolling the plate with ink, slowly buffing the ink into all the groves over heat, and running the plate through a press. She loved the variations that could be created from a single etched copper plate.  Learning that process changed her sketching style and also influenced her approach of combining watercolor and ink, which mimics the look of a painted monoprint.

When asked about success, Savage defines it as, ̈Being able to envision and then create pieces that capture a memory or a place.  Pieces that I will not get tired of viewing and others will also enjoy. I hope to continue to grow my portfolio, attend art and craft shows, and work with local businesses on collaborations or exhibitions.¨

We at All Things Loomis are thrilled to be working with CloudyArt Studio. You can find CloudyArt watercolors, etchings, oils and collages for sale  on our website. She is also open to commissions.

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