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All Things Loomis


We believe in the power of community.

We believe in giving back.

Our mission: Our mission at All Things Loomis is to help connect residents to the people, events, and establishments that make our small town exceptional.  It is our hope that this website be the launching dock that inspires you to think local, act local. By strengthening our ties to each other, we strengthen the community we live in.

Our Site:  Learn something new about the town you love and connect with Loomis in a whole new way. celebrates the people, neighborhoods, and establishments that together shape the character of our small town. Like Loomis, our website has a comfortable small-town feel but is full of endless possibilities. Created by residents for residents, together this is OUR site for building a stronger community. As we work to spread civic pride by way of our apparel and accessories, we donate a portion to grassroots organizations that are committed to improve the quality of life for all residents.