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All Things Loomis

Town Government

Be an informed resident and involved citizen. There are a number of benefits that result from the successful engagement of residents in local government including better identification of resident views, improved local agency decisions, greater knowledge on issues and impact on proposed policies.

Town of Loomis

3665 Taylor Road   (916) 652-1840

Town Manager

Sean Rabe- [email protected]

(916) 652-1840 Ext. 15

Finance Director/Town Treasurer

Roger Carroll- (916) 824-1512

Carol Parker- Business License Clerk

[email protected]  (916) 824-1507

Town Engineer and Public Works Director

Britton [email protected]

(916) 824-1518

Planning Director

Mary Beth VanVoorhis- [email protected]

Carol Parker- Planning Assisant[email protected]

(916) 824-1507

Office of the Town Clerk

Crickett Strock, CMC- [email protected]

(916) 824-1509

Office of the Building Department

Rhonda Gannon- Building Inspector

[email protected]  (916) 824-1513

Town Council

Mayor- Tim Onderko [email protected]  (916) 300-3487

Mayor pro Tempore- Jan Clark Crets - [email protected]

Councilmember Brian Baker- [email protected]

Councilmember Jeff Duncan [email protected]

Councilmember Rhonda Morillas [email protected]

Planning Commissioners

NOTE:  The names on this list are subject to change based on term expirations and resignations that occur during the year.  For a current list of members please call the Town Clerk’s office at 916-652-1840   

Chairman Greg Obranovich- [email protected]                       

Commissioner Linda Kelly- [email protected]

Commissioner Jean Wilson- (916) 652-0635

Commissioner Michael Hogan [email protected]

Commissioner Jan Clark-Crets [email protected]

State Officials

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley

8799 Auburn Folsom Road, Ste. A, Granite Bay  (916) 774-4430

Chelyssa Berglund, District Coordinator

[email protected]

Senator Ted Gaines

4080 Cavitt Stallman Road, Suite 100A,  Granite Bay  ( 916) 771-584

U.S. Representatives
Congressman Tom McClintock  (202) 225-2511

Senator Dianne Feinstein  (202) 224-3841

Senator Kamala Harris  (202) 224-3553